“Construct and Arrange”

Structure as an aspiring entrepreneur can be tough. Your mind can pull you in so many directions throughout this journey. At times, you will feel lost. Trust me, I know what it feels like every day. I try to implement a sense of organization within my business. How do I do this? By creating structure within my daily activities. By structure, I mean a few things. There are particular aspects of the definition, “structure” that would allow me to make a valid point. As it relates to my point, I will explore two words within the definition below. Construct and arrange. Structure is defined as:


“To construct or arrange according to a plan.”


On a daily basis, I have so many creative ideas running through my mind that I need to construct and arrange. It can be overwhelming. When I think about the completion of any achievement, the blueprint for growth is structure. Personally, I think to myself everyday, how can I structure my thoughts into a plan?


At any moment, a glimpse of brilliancy can spark new ideas while I’m in the midst of a current project. My thoughts become torn between two great ideas. When I started my entrepreneurial path in 2013, I refused to share my ideas with anyone. I thought some people would crush my dreams before they heard them. This led me to work for numerous years believing I had to do it all on my own. I thought that I had to prove something to the world. Well, I was wrong. The world doesn’t owe me anything. However, I expect to gain what I deserve by working hard and committing time to my craft. It took me a while to realize that this mindset would allow me to develop structure. A way to construct and arrange a variety of things within my business. How? By owning my craft and becoming confident enough to share my ideas, my message started to construct a passion for me to follow. My thoughts started to arrange with my audience so my message can resonate with other creative minds. I’m sure you have an amazing idea that needs to be structured. When you do this it will allow you to grow.


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t start to structure my thoughts until I realized the potential of my vision. I knew that I needed to construct the possibilities by welcoming the ability to arrange my thoughts. I did this in a unique way. I opened up dialogue with young professionals to exchange creative and innovative ideas. The thought is to receive constructive feedback from my peers who were walking the same path. It didn’t take long for me to connect and build with other creative minds that shared my vision. As a result, my ideas, thought, and vision naturally took shape. This is when structure took a place in my life. It still is a battle every day. My ability to communicate with other creative minds opened my eyes to structure. Moving forward, I knew my grind and ambition to finish projects would never be the same.


It would be great to finish your current project and not lose another great idea. Most would say write it down and I would agree. Pen and paper are your best friends. At times, it felt like the spark was gone when I tried revisiting a idea after finalizing a project. Then, I opened up dialogue with other creative minds who believed in my vision. The flow of creative feedback and suggestions allowed me to develop structure. At this point, I realized that my entrepreneurial ventures didn’t need to be a journey of my own. I found a way to turn “my” creative ideas into “our” creative ideas. A path that could be shared with each step. I call this progress. It was more than a word to me, it was a movement I applied to everything in life. I began to trust the process when I implemented “progress” into structure. In this environment, I became comfortable to discuss risk, opportunities, and possibilities without the fear of judgement. It was a way to stimulate my mind and add structure to my life as an aspiring entrepreneur. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, I would advise you to seek the feedback and suggestions from your peers that understand your passion. Develop open dialogue so that you can communicate those ideas. At one point, I thought about recording every conversation I had with creative minds to replay the way we analyze and critically think. You might think it is a curse to have too many creative ideas. However, when you build structure using progress, this allows you to focus on each step and stride. Then, you can focus on constructing and arranging your vision. As you utilize your ability to construct and arrange your thoughts by communicating, develop a plan. Don’t get lost in the wave of each idea and forget to execute. Let your ideas resurface with the chance to exchange insight with other creative minds. The ability to discuss possibilities and opportunities creates structure for your thoughts. Sometimes we have to sacrifice when to construct and arrange our vision. If you’re running your own ship as a solo-entrepreneur. The stress of losing structure can be chaotic. It’s very hard to realize when your ideas are sinking. The failure to structure your thoughts can lead to ineffective time management. As an aspiring entrepreneur, create structure in your business by using each step to progress.  

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